Our network of schools focuses on the provision of state-of-the-art campuses which are designed to formulate a conducive environment for learning and personal development. The school facilitates diverse spaces for extracurricular activities, further encouraging students to explore their passions outside the classroom environment.


PMEN provides efficient and reliable transportation facilities, easing the daily commute for our students. The fleet of well-maintained buses is run by experienced and responsible drivers who prioritize student safety.


PMEN hosts a well-managed boarding house, providing a safe and comfortable living environment for our students. The facilities are designed to foster a sense of community and independence, offering students a home away from home.


PMEN takes pride in its well-equipped library, a haven for students who are passionate about learning. The library hosts a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources across various subjects, supporting academic study and fostering a love for reading.


Our institute features indoor cafeterias designed to offer students a comfortable and hygienic dining experience. These cafeterias serve a wide variety of nutritious and appetizing meals, keeping in mind the dietary needs of the growing youth.


At our institutes, we prioritize students’ health and well-being with on-site dispensary facilities. These clinics are staffed by qualified medical professionals who provide immediate healthcare services, from minor injuries to routine health check-ups.


Our institute offers top-notch sports facilities, reflecting our commitment to physical education and a well-rounded student experience. We house spacious sports grounds and modern gymnasiums, allowing students to explore and excel in a variety of athletic pursuits.



The science laboratories are a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic and practical learning experience. The labs offer a safe and interactive environment where students can explore the world of science beyond textbooks, conducting experiments that enhance their understanding and fuel their curiosity.


Our institute boasts a cutting-edge Robotics lab, providing students with an interactive and hands-on learning experience that is tailored to the digital age. Here, students are encouraged to engage with technology, further adding to their problem-solving skills and stimulating their creativity.


Take a look at our expansive network inculcating twenty-five different institutions each distinctive in its own learning environment.