PMEN is committed to the pursuit of excellence and welcomes students who share the same ambition.
We are proud to have a student body of varied backgrounds and invite them who can demonstrate
intellectual & physical capacity on their respective levels.


The Human Resource Development Cell (HRDC) is the backbone of our network striving towards organizational success by facilitating growth and development. The HRDC navigates the broad spectrum of human resources responsibilities, from managing learning and development programs that ensure that each faculty member is supported in achieving the best of their potential.



It is formulated with the aim to raise the standard of education by applying self-assessment procedures and by evaluating student’s, staff, and graduates feedback. The collected data would be analyzed and would undergo corrective measures wherever required. The department thoroughly works on the development and implementation of key policies and procedures that encourage quality teaching and research.


The academic council serves as the central authority within the Peshawar Model Education Network. Its primary role is to develop effective teaching, and examination procedures, as well as to drive academic initiatives, all in the pursuit of high-quality education. Our school offers classes in English medium for the traditional SSC Examination, under the auspices of the relevant Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. We aim for academic excellence by delivering systematic, regular instruction. Our co-curricular activities foster qualities like teamwork, patience, cooperation, and coordination among students.


Take a look at our expansive network inculcating twenty-five different institutions each distinctive in its own learning environment.