Peshawar Model Educational Network

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Peshawar Model Educational Network has established itself as a renowned name in the educational sector, consisting of twenty-five institutions including schools, colleges, and a university. With a humble beginning on Warsak Road 44 years ago, our institution has garnered significant recognition for its educational prowess and continues to enrich the learning experience for students.

Our founding campus, Peshawar Model School Boys I, has been a pillar of society, contributing to the nation’s progress, setting up a bar of un paralleled excellence. Our System offers comprehensive academic and extracurricular activities, providing a well-rounded education. Countless students have graduated from our campus, successfully pursuing diverse professional paths.

At Peshawar Model Education Network, we believe in holistic education. With dedicated staff and modern Purpose-built campus infrastructure, including science labs, an IT lab, and a digital library, we prioritize technological advancements. We embraced digitalization through the Peshawar Model School Black Board portal, ensuring continuity of education during the pandemic.

By becoming a part of Peshawar Model Educational Network, we ensure experiencing the benefits of our esteemed institution’s legacy. We are preparing students for successful futures. Join us in our mission to shape young minds and contribute to the progress of our nation.

Educate, Explore, Experience, Empower


Our mission at Peshawar Model School is to empower the learners to achieve their highest potential and to drive the country’s development through a network of twenty-five diverse educational institutions. We are committed to providing innovative, inclusive and “Quality Education” that fulfills the diverse needs of our youth. By integrating traditional values with contemporary educational methodologies, we aim to equip our students with knowledge, skulls and mindsets essential to thrive in the global setting.


Our vision at Peshawar Model School is to become a beacon of academic “Excellence”, leading the way in shaping the future of education across our nation. We strive to create a network of institutions that are recognized for their commitment to delivering quality and inclusive education.


We at PMEN strives for excellence, integrity, innovation, collaboration, social responsibility, and lifelong learning. We promote high standards, honesty, creativity, teamwork, positive impact, and continuous development, which drives our students to make meaningful contributions and foster a positive learning environment for all.

Our Partners

PMEN is in liaison with different institutions to provide it's students with opportunities they deserve.


Take a look at our expansive network inculcating twenty-five different institutions each distinctive in its own learning environment.