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44 Years of Academic Exellence

Who We Are...


Peshawar Model School Boys IV – Dalazak Road campus, established in 2004, stands unique among other branches of Peshawar Model Educational Network (PMEN) due to its diverse features. With the aim to provide quality education to its masses, The Peshawar Model Educational Network has spread its wings all over KP. PMS Boys – IV is the pioneer branch that introduced the Hifz -ul-Quran programme blended with modern science education in 2008. The campus is affiliated with Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al Arabia, Pakistan and over the years, has successfully produced a great number of Huffaz. In the Wafaq -ul- Madaris annual examination the campus has succeeded to achieve 100% results continuously since its registration. In 2017, PMS Boys – IV achieved another height of excellence and became Cambridge Associate School, moreover introduced O–Levels classes for students. We focus on conceptual learning, critical thinking and introducing problem solving skills in order to make our children a responsible citizen of tomorrow. Our holistic approach towards education makes our students outshine among others. We believe in character building as the superior aim and strive for both intellectual and physical development of our students.






Meet the Principal


My name is Farhat Jabeen, and I am currently acting as a Principal at PMS Boys IV.
I have a Bachelor’s degree with Economics and statistics from FG college and a degree in B.ed and masters in Urdu from Peshawar university as a private student.I have started my teaching career in 1992 from PMS “Boys II”. Then shifted to PMS “Boys I” in the year 1994 after that I have been transferred to PMS “Boys IV” in 2004.
I have been teaching for 31 years, with a focus on all subjects except biology physics, chemistry. I’ve been serving as an incharge for the urdu section in the official newsletter of PMS “THE MODEL”. I’ve been awarded two times by the higher authorities for giving highest result in Pak.Studies and Urdu subjects both in the SSC examination . *-Then I have worked as a section head from 2017 to 2021 and I have also served as a vice principal from 2021 to 2022 and currently serving as Principal at PMS “Boys IV”.
*-Being a principal of PMS my aims to develop well adjusted individuals who strive to achieve their full potential in a dynamic, caring and supportive environment. My aim to meet the challenge of specific educational goals for students as well as developing resilient, independent and socially adept young children. We aim to foster:

  • sound academics
  • self-discipline and self-worth
  • respect for others
  • co-operative learning and living skills



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