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Importance of Entrepreneurship & Business Education A One Day session on "IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION AND PROMOTION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP" for the students of different schools have been arranged by team Summer Carnival in collaboration with Young Entrepreneurs Standing Committee (YESC), at Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Peshawar. 50+ students participated in the session. At the session, President SCCIP along with the Senior Vice President and Secretory SCCIP were also present where they briefed the kids about the Chamber History and answered the questions. Team Kidzpreneurship invited two guests (Ms. Zara Babar (Soiree PR) & Mr. Salman Arshad (Namlas Art) who shared their venture details and how they started, what were the challenges, they have faced. Mr. Sanan Sethi (Chairman YESC) and Mr. Asad Ashfaq (Focal Person YESC) was also present at the session.

A Day with Police Services of Pakistan

Is parcham kai Saaye tally HUM AIK HAI. Police Services of Pakistan (PSP) arranged a one-day session for the participants of Summer Carnival 2019 where the students were interacting with the different police departments all day. Special thanks to ASP FAQIRABAD, Muhammad Shoaib Khan for making the whole event possible. Mr. Sanan Sethi Director PMEI distributed shield and awards among the senior police officers.

KIDZPRENEURSHIP | An Introductory session

KIDZPRENEURSHIP is a project of Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Peshawar Model Educational Institutes and has been launched in four branches of Peshawar Model i-e Boys 1, Boys 4, Boys Hayatabad and soon it will be launch at PMS Swabi campus. The initial briefing sessions were conducted at three schools. This project will further be attached with the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce newly made committee i-e Young Entrepreneurs Standing Committee which is led by Mr. Sanan Sethi Chairman YESC and Director of this project. The main purpose of these briefing sessions was to introduce the concept of KIDZPRENEURSHIP and share the action plan with the students and society heads. The extensive Training, Workshop and seminars will be organized in this summer where the students will be trained on the concepts of Entrepreneurship etc.

Summer Carnival 2019

Summer Carnival is arranged every year by HRDC in which a large number of students participate from different schools. Students from the community, Government Schools and Children of Class IV Staff are also given an opportunity to participate for free. Summer Carnival 2019 was held in the month of July 2019 in which more than 500 students from different schools participated.

KM T20 Cricket Mania 2019

The Model Cricket Academy provides an environment where young players, irrespective of their ability, strive to achieve their full potential. Established in April 2017, the facilities, coaches & training programs provide players with a fantastic opportunity to reach their potential. KM T20 Cricket Mania was organized by Knot Management under the lead support of The Model Cricket Academy (TMCA) in which 12 teams from different districts participated.