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We passionately believe in everything that PMEI stands for and its promise to be a trendsetter in education. We live up to the rising expectations of parents and setting a benchmark in the eld of quality education. Our Academic Programs help students to become critical thinkers, communicators, learners and responsible citizens. To this end, we undertake a signicant commitment and interest in them as individuals so that we can meet most effectively their specic needs.

We strive to offer our students a whole-life experience that goes beyond the classroom. Different elements – academics, Co-curricular Activities, personal and social education and service – are fused so that students are equipped with the skills, ambition and compassion to impact ethically and signicantly in a global context.

All of our campuses have facilities resourced to the highest level and staffed with dedicated, skilled and committed teachers. They are typied by their dedication and commitment, and our continuing professional development means that we make the best use of contemporary educational practices. We value academic success highly, but it is also our belief that the all-round development of each child is just as important. Our students are ambitious, our teaching teams are innovative and our educational environment is dynamic, ensuring that the education offered is amongst the very best available.

An Introduction

A school should inspire love for learning while promoting children's social and emotional growth, intellectual development and creativity. Children learn best in a positive environment with careful direction and guidance from teachers who demonstrate care and concern for each child. Peshawar Model School was set up in 1979 with a view to meet the ever increasing needs of education. The academic setup ourished with time into multiple institutions including 17 schools, 6 Boys Colleges, 5 Girls Colleges along with City University of Science & Information Technology Dalazak Road Peshawar

Peshawar Model Schools encourages exploration and inquiry in an environment enriched with opportunities ensuring that students reach their full potential for academic achievement. PMS strives to give each child a lifelong appreciation of learning. The rich educational environment provides every student with a broad foundation of knowledge and practical experience. Students develop a sense of community while maintaining individuality and creative self-expression.At PMS, enrichment activities broaden students’ experience and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning. Efforts are made to help students develop the rm academic foundation and the organizational skills needed for success in their future academic endeavors. PMS helps students in becoming good citizens with a sense of responsibility and respect for others within the school community and throughout the world beyond.

  • 1979 ESTD
    Boys I
  • 1994 ESTD
    Girls I
  • 2002 ESTD
    Boys IV
  • 2005 ESTD
    Mardan Boys/Girls
  • 2008 ESTD
    Girls II
  • 2017 ESTD
    Boys VI
  • 2019 ESTD
    Boys/Girls Swabi
  • 2020 ESTD
    Girls V
  • 1988 ESTD
    Boys II
  • 2004 ESTD
    Boys III
  • 2005 ESTD
    Boys V
  • 2007 ESTD
    CHARSADDA Boys/Girls
  • 2014 ESTD
  • 2019 ESTD
    Boys/Girls Hayatabad
  • 2019 ESTD
    Girls III
  • 2020 ESTD
    Boys/Girls Shabqadar