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a) ICSG (Institution for Conceptual Studies & Guidance), I CSS/PMS Preparation:

Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Peshawar Model Educa¬tional Institutes (PMEI) is offering two months extensive coaching classes of CSS-PMS preparation with up to date methodology and techniques. Classes are conducted under the supervision of CSS/PMS qualified offi¬cers.

b) KIDZPRENEURSHIP Raising Independent Kids:

"KIDZPRENEURSHIP- RAISING INDPENDENT KIDZ" aims to provide Entre-preneurship knowledge and opportunities at the school level. The main focus of this program is to develop the thought process of the students and let them understand the fact that there are other fields and profes¬sions as well like Business Studies etc.

c) Young Entrepreneurs Standing Committee(YESC), Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI):

Aim of this project is to fill the gap between academia and industry/busi-ness community through involving young graduates/startups for address-ing challenges faced by industry/business community.