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1.Peshawar Model Schools Summer Carnival

Summer Carnival is arranged every year by HRDC in which a large number of students participate from different schools. Students from community, Govern-ment Schools and Children of Class IV Staff are also given an opportunity to par-ticipate for free. In carnival, the students have fun activities and they learn through a variety of recreational, academics and artistic activities.

2. Peshawar Model Schools Sports Olympiad

The concept of education has changed drastically over a period of time where more focus us given now towards holistic development of Students. The impor-tance of sports and games encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. A major part of learning comes from involving students in activities that they enjoy and can relate. Through sports, the students cannot only discov-er their own physical strengths but they can practically learn important life skills such as patience, teamwork, sense of responsibility and above all, dealing with success and failure. To attain the above mentioned objectives, Peshawar Model Schools Sports Olympiad is arranged everyyear which is managed by the Human Resource De-velopment Centre (HRDC) in which students from all Peshawar Model Schools actively participate in various exciting games. Main Purpose is to promote har-mony, unity, socialization and sportsman spirit among the students.

3. Alumni Reunion

The Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) organizes Alumni Reunion Event which aims at reconnecting the Alumni of Peshawar Model Schools. The passed out students are brought under one roof to cherish their memories.