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Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) is a platform which is purely working on the capacity building of the workforce in Public and Private Sectors. We believe in building on existing knowledge and experiences to create long-lasting effects. We have experienced and dedicated resource persons, consultants, and mentors who acts as a key behind all successful training de¬signs and executions. We conduct trainings in a rational manner that helps innovation and participation among trainees. Our train¬ing programs aim to provide the skills to enable the participants to do their jobs more effectively and support organizations to im¬prove its effectiveness and delivery.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection is an important operation in the HR Department, designed to maximize employee strength in order to meet the employer's strategic goals and objectives. The whole process involves identifying the jobs vacancy, analyzing the job re¬quirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate. For the said purpose, various attri¬butes of each candidate such as their qualification, skills, experi¬ences, overall attitude, etc are evaluated. Later, the most suitable candidate is picked after the elimination of the candidates, who are not suitable for the vacant job.


Promotion refers to upgrading the cadre of the employees by evaluating their performance in the organization. It is the process of shifting an employee from a lower position to a higher position with more responsibilities, remuneration, facilities and status. HRDC recognizes employees skills and knowledge and utilize it to improve the organizational effectiveness. Main purpose is to pro¬mote employees satisfaction and boost their morale.

Employee Transfer

Transfer refers to the process of interchanging from one job to an-other without any change in the rank and responsibilities. It can also be the shifting of employees from one location to another lo¬cation, depending upon the requirement of the position. HRDC transfers employees with a purpose to increase versatility and competency of key positions and sometimes to adjust the work¬force.